Mr.Sugar is English friendly hair salon in Tokyo.


Thank you for visit this web page!
We are a hair salon that also sells a variety of stuff from all over the world. We specialize in haircuts.

YUKI has living and working Australia and New Zealand 3 years until last summer. She has experience in work as hair dresser in Australia. And she has visit 39 countries.
HIRO also has visit 10 countries, and studied English a month in Philippines. We love traveling.




Thank you for coming our salon from many different of country .

Many different of countries people coming our salon from UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, US, Korea, Taiwan, and China in this 3 month.
They are living ,working holiday or just traveling in Japan.



We love to get in touch with different cultures and we hope that we can provide you the haircut you want.
Feel free to come and talk with us ! We are waiting for you.

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